I’m Alex Losani and I have a passion for helping children in Kenya get an education.

After visiting the Rongena community in Kenya, it now has a special place in my heart, and as a student myself, I understand the importance of a good education. My goal is to raise $10,000 over the next two years to build a new school in Rongena and provide fellow students like me a place to learn and grow.

To raise money, I am selling beautiful, hand-crafted Rafiki bracelets. What’s extra special about these bracelets is that they can be branded with your family name or your company logo on the package. These also make perfect Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, or to just bring joy to someone’s day. All money raised will go towards this action plan. To help me reach my goal, please purchase Rafiki bracelets by clicking “Next” below.

What is a Rafiki?

Rafikis are beaded bracelets that the mamas make in Kenya. In Swahili, Rafiki means “friend”. When you buy a Rafiki, you’re also helping the mamas raise a family. So a Rafiki is a symbol of hope.

Please select how many Rafiki bracelets you would to like to order (minimum of 20). For every 50 Rafiki bracelets you order, you will receive an additional 5 Rafiki bracelets free. To have your Rafiki bracelets personalized, please enter your company name.


Track your impact

Track your impact is part of the WE Movement, bringing people together and giving them the tools to change the world. You can help shift the world from “me” to “we” by choosing products with the Track Your Impact promise!

Every rafiki purchased makes an impact and has a Track Your Impact code. Through WE’s online tool, you can follow the impact of your purchase:

  1. What your impact is
  2. Where in the world it was delivered
  3. Story of how your purchase has benefitted the community

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